Chinese New Year is one of the most colorful events with a spectacular celebrations. Nowadays, CNY is not only celebrated by most of our Chinese brothers and sisters as a tradition but it become a global culture in all over the world especially in Asia.

Identical with red and gold ornaments, most of Chinese people believed that it represents the color of luck, fortune and happiness. By using these colors, they hope that throughout the year their whole life be filled with prosperity.

They mostly enjoy this season enjoy this season by buying new clothes, having dinner with family and one that cant be missed is receiving Angpao! The Red-Envelope or mostly known as ‘Angpao’ always contain money as Chinese New Year gifts! So, are you excited to receive yours too?

In welcoming the 2019 Chinese New Year or the “Year of the Pig”, we have something in store for you! Lilin Bangsa Intercultural School (LBIS) brings you a LUCKY TREE to let you feel the essence of this festivity. Visit our school from 14 January – 28 February 2019 and get your LUCKY ANGPAO hang on the LUCKY TREE! Dont miss it! the opportunity knock once!