Secondary School Overview

Our Secondary Level is a dynamic, learning focused environment. This nurtured- environment stimulates students to be critical thinkers and globally-equipped individuals of tomorrow.
Students are exposed to 21st Century learning skills and real-life learning opportunities that would enable them to face the challenges of this fast-paced world. We guide and support students by giving them holistic approach emphasizing on academic excellence, leadership, character building and creativity. We are highly skilled in transitioning students both from our Primary School and/or students who may be joining us for the first time. They were given utmost care by both teachers and students who understand them being the freshmen. Moreover, we have a strong student Supreme Government that builds up the students’ leadership. Equal to this is the strong Peer Support Group. It is a student welfare team designed to meet the needs and passions of each individual student. They are trained to be little counselors who adopt a class or students who need academic or emotional support. The students are made familiar with a broad range of experiences through school camps, learning journeys, sports, community service, CCAs, visual and performing arts which strongly encourages interaction among them and the society.

Our international education offers innovative and world-class programme of the most updated Cambridge Curricula which are the Secondary Cambridge Checkpoint for Lower Secondary and Cambridge IGCSE for Upper Secondary. It provides broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects, using learner-centred and enquiry-based approaches to learning. At IGCSE level, students are highly successful and prepared with the skills needed for study at A level and beyond. By the time our students finally leave Secondary level, we are confident that they excel in their Junior College years and are flexible and adaptable life-long learners in an ever changing world.



The 4 years Secondary programme builds on the strong foundation of the early primary years. Lilin Bangsa International School Secondary Level adopts the Cambridge University programme which leads to the Cambridge IGCSE examinations. It consists of a two-year Lower Secondary Programme (Grades 7 and 8) and another two-year Upper Secondary Programme (Grades 9 and 10). The Lower Secondary Programme develops children’s knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and Science so to provide excellent preparation for Upper Secondary Level and qualifications including Cambridge IGCSE.The Upper Secondary Programme (IGCSE) builds on the foundations of the Lower Secondary Programme, and supports schools using learner-centered and enquiry-based approaches to learning. It develops learners” skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education.Within the 4 years of Secondary Education, our students are exposed to a wide range of subjects which will enable them to:

  • Discover their aptitude on talents through exploration;
  • Develop higher order of analytical and writing skills;
  • Emphasize on self-discipline and strong moral character; and
  • Prepare themselves for the IGCSE examinations.This exposure would be an outstanding preparation for the next phase of their education, Cambridge Advance Level (A-level).



Cambridge Secondary 1
Grade thumbnail7
Grade 8

Cambridge Secondary 2
Grade 9
Grade 10

Academic Programs
• English Language
• Mathematics
• Combined Science
• Chinese (Mandarin)
• Bahasa Indonesia
• English Literature
• Geography
• History
• Civic Morale Ed. (Character Education)
• Computer (IT)

Additional subjects for Secondary 2 (IGCSE):
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Additional Mathematics (For fast learners)

Aesthetics Domain
• Physical Education
• Music
• Art and Design

Learning Weights
Secondary 1
Grades 7-8

• 40% Independent Learning
• 40% Knowledge- based Learning
• 20% Examination and Assessment Skills

Grades 9-10

• 50% Independent Learning
• 30% Knowledge-based Learning
• 20% Examination and Assessment Skills