Little Bee Kindergarten

Why Choose Little Bee?

Little Bee is the first bilingual school in North Jakarta. At Little Bee, children are given the foundation for an emotionally safe and secure atmosphere in which to learn and grow. We enable your child to develop his/her physical, mental, social, emotional & moral values development.

Singapore-Based Curriculum

Singapore-based curriculum is a customized curriculum that is well–researched and designed by leading educationists from Singapore with over two decades of experience. This curriculum has been fine-tuned over the years to be age appropriate so that it provides just the right impetus for the development of your child in their growing years.

When to Enroll?

Every Academic Year begins in July and ends in June. However, children can enroll into Little Bee anytime throughout the year. Your child will be assessed based on their age and recommend the most suitable level for your child.


At Little Bee Kindergarten, we believe that early-childhood education is very important as it is the first learning path for your children. Our preschool creates a conducive and safe-learning environment for our young learners ages from 9 months and above. Little Bee has established leadership in educational practices and our curriculum has been proven as the best teaching approach that integrates fun learning activities and ideas to meet the various needs of our students.

Our outstanding English and Mandarin curricula are holistically delivered entirely in respective languages by our highly qualified and experienced multi-cultural early childhood educators. Little Bee Kindergarten uses Montessori-aided materials to integrate the concept of learning taught in the class. In addition, we foster values of courtesy, respect and cultivate good habits and right attitudes through our “Di Zi Qui” program.

With passion and care, make sure that our team is ready to shape children young minds and ready to embrace their bright future. We believe that the achievement of our students is built upon the partnership between parents and the school as a whole.

Please feel free to drop by. I would love to meet you and discuss any questions you have concerning our programs and what we can do for your child.


Warmest Regards,

Ms. Ma. Joy V. Moleño

Preschool Principal

Little Bee Kindergarten
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